Gualtiero Massimo

a trained doctor doing missionary work in war-torn Castille


brawn: 2
finesse: 3
wits: 4
resolve: 2
panache: 3

skill set: doctor
diagnose: 3
first aid: 1
surgery: 3

skill set: missionary
oratory: 3

survival: 1

skill set: politician
etiquette: 3
oratory: 3
socializing: 3

skill set: athlete
climbing: 1
footwork: 2
sprinting: 1
throwing: 1

swordsman school: ambrosia
feint: 1
pommel strike: 2
riposte: 2
exploit weakness: 1

skill set: fencing
attack: 3
parry: 3

skill set: dirty fighting
attack: 1


the family of Mossimo were farmers in the Bernuli provence of Vodacce untill something was discovered on their land that caused a stir in certain circles. not wanting to get between some of these powers the family sold their land at a tidy sum to a group of speculators trying to drive the price up on the discovery. The patron of the family, wanting to invest the money he’d made and make a good name for his family decided to attend the university and became the firt Dotoro Mossimo. From then on all sons of the Mossimo family have gone to university and the family has produced some fine minds who have accelled in the medical and the local political feilds. Recently graduated young Gualiero, wanting to thank Theaus and repay some of the good fortune his family had felt over the recent generations volantiered his medical skills to the Numan missions.

the mission sent him first to scared north Eisen where it was hoped the church missions could heal the people both physically and spiritually. This was one of those life experiences that changes a persons global outlook. Expecting to be set up with a practice in a church, Gualtiero was instead a map and told to try and keep to the route as their would be people expecting him. The trade route set him on a path through Hansel in the south west, but crossed through Frieburg and her sea of dispossed refuges to get into Wieche in the north east.

after returning to Vodacce Gualtiero was asked to perform the same function in Castille.

Gualtiero Massimo

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