Cloche Campbrix

"Of course you know me."


While Cloche isn’t considered to be one of the best looking men around, he is certainty above average, and no feature more noticeable than his deep blue eyes. The kind that help pull of that innocent look that helps one believe they can trust him. Combined with the chin that could kill, Cloche can be described as handsome. His long black hair pulled back into a pony tail, he tries to dress himself fitting the region or event that he will be in.


Cloche Campbrix grew up in the province of Surlign in what could best be described as a Hamlet not far from the city of Paix. His family made a decent living running the local tavern, while Cloche dreamed of being so much more. Dazzled by the tales of heroes and other champions that roamed the world Cloche believed himself destined to join them, his name forever being told in legends, so he set abut training himself as best he can. Though in the end his tongue was always sharper than his blade, which came in quite useful, during a regional fencing competition, as his constant taunts and insults, were enough to help him throw off his competition and score him victory as well as tuition at the Valcourt Ecole de Fence.

Cloche was a bit out of his depths at first, after all he didn’t buy his way in like most of the students’ parents did, and as such most of them looked down upon him, because victory in a tournament meant nothing to those that never wanted for anything. There was one other boy that Cloche got along with splendidly, Roland, the head masters son. Both of them being ostracized by the more wealthy students, naturally allowed them to grow a quick bond biting back their own insults and improving their own skills to show up the nobility.

Though some might say Cloche, spoke a deal far greater than he could prove, he always proved himself, sometimes with Roland even helping out, probably because he didn’t want Cloche to steal the spotlight, though of course Roland would never admit such a thing. The two ended up fighting side by side over many reasons, though usually it came down to Cloche and a woman….and the man she was seeing, who of course was far less deserving in Cloche’s eyes.

They parted when Roland went off to the military academy, while Cloche decided to head towards the decadent city of Paix itself, having been blessed with his good looks and silver tongue, he easily wormed his way into the many nightly parties and balls, he took an eye, like many no doubt, on Nicolette du Montaigne, l’empereur’s seventh daughter. The first thing he noticed about her was the fire that one could just barely see burning I her eyes, clearly displeased with being there, and this fire was even more evident, when around her husband, the governor of Paix itself. It was rumored she was forced into this marriage due to her willfulness, and from her demeanor, it seemed a rumor worth believing.

He thought to himself “A creature as lovely as this, deserves so much more than to be stuck in a cage, even if the cage was as lovely as this. Or at least have the company I can provide.” His mind made up, he was determined to court her regardless of the consequences.
Cloche knew of her husband’s reputation, but that only inspired him more to accomplish this task. After all, there is nothing he can’t accomplish. He would flatter whenever he could, amuse her with insulting others at the party, he even dared to give to her gifts, simple, as he had no real income to speak, of yet always seemed to get by without trouble. Not long after all of this he had her eye, and they spent many a night together, they hid their affair behind the governor’s back, though of course the rumors run rampant in Montaigne, and even more so in Paix. And though Cloche might be reluctant to admit it, this woman meant more to him than all those before. In fact those more experienced, might have even said the pair, while having started off as a fun fling who got excitement out of sneaking around, were in fact steadily growing in love with one another.

Then the fun sneaking and happiness just had to go an end as the governor found out about it. His wife, the daughter of l’Empereur, himself, was sharing a bed with another man, when she would dare to refuse his own! The fact that she was forced to be his wife meant nothing, as it made him part of the royal family, and like many of the nobles in this country, he was possessive of that which he considered his.

The night’s ball came, and of course the duel was laid out before Cloche, who of course never backed down, despite the others superior skill with the blade. And while Cloche technically lost the touch duel, the taunts and insults directed at the governors shortcomings and failures, his lack of style, his inability to ever please his wife, let alone any woman, the remark that one as disgusting as he would have better luck in the kennels, and while he may have Nicolette in marriage, he most certainly would never have her heart. The fight left the Governor quite enraged, as to be expected, and no more so than when Cloche dared to blow Nicolette a kiss before fleeing the party.

After quickly realizing, he may no longer be safe in the city of Paix, he fled that night, feeling it was time to make his name known more outside of his home of Montaigne, as it might be unsafe attempting to do so within his homeland, heading towards Castille of all places, ending up in Villa de los Guardos. While it lacks the familiarity of his home, or the wild parties of Paix, it brings to him new challenges that he can no doubt overcome, plus the food and women are more than enough to make up for it all, as well as being less likely to run into friends of the Governor of Paix.

All these victories, have seem to made Cloche brasher, and more confident than most. He’s garnered a bit of a reputation from his deeds, both heroic, and less than noble. And wherever he goes he always seems to get by without ever once picking up the tab.
What drives Cloche most, is he desire to have his name known round the world, to increase his reputation to go down in history as one of the many legends past and present, A secondary dream would be making his way back to Nicolette, hoping her spirit has not been broken, or that she has moved on, but he would never dare admit this to most.

The world will know him, after all, what could possibly stop him?

Recently Cloche valiantly rescued the beautiful Helena’s poor Ramone who was captured by a group of Montaine soldiers. His heroics knew no end when he single-handedly fought (though some may disagree with this boast, but most believe Cloche’s tale) and defeated the hulking Eisen executioner and the guards surrounding him, within the occupied town of Caballo Nuevos, as the towns people cheered for his triumphant laughter they assisted him further as he quickly stepped from shoulder to shoulder to confront the vile Lieutenant and his men, taking out at least half of his pathetic guard and forever carving an insult upon the mans face by cutting off half of his famed mustache.

Needless to say his actions have made him a local hero in the town, and his reputation ever grows, though some rumors persist that He has made an enemy of the vile Lieutenant for the insult Cloche caused to him, but Cloche thinks nothing of it, as the cowards actions have proven himself to be less than capable.

Cloche Campbrix

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