The Rebirth of a Nation

Session 0: Sa Ha! (Onboarding)

Record of game sessions

Three gentlemen, each for their own particular reasons, find themselves in Villa de los Guardos in Castille. They have been brought together in a well-regarded inn called El Pollo Rojo by agents of the very powerful Don Soldano.

They are:

Bell Campbruce, a Roberts School apprentice from Avalon
Tor Johnson, a Rasmussen School apprentice from Vendel, and a shrewd businessman
Ilario di Falisci, an Ambrogia School apprentice from Voddace’s famous winemaking family

Property of Don Saldano, a cartoon marked with his coat of arms, has been stolen during transport. Word in the town is that the crime had to be perpetrated by a gang of bandits known as the Wolfpack.

During a delicious meal and surprisingly good home-brewed wine at the inn, the three swordsman witness a thin man approach a man he calls Ramon with an offer. Ramon refuses this thin man, who he calls Tomas. Rebuffed, Tomas storms off in a huff soon followed by Ramon and his most beautiful female companion.

The town watch enter with a wanted poster. They are looking for a man matching the description of Tomas who goes by the nickname El Baston (“the Stick”). Perhaps he is well endowed, but we assume it’s reference to his slight build.

Earlier, Ilario got himself into a scrape with a few Castillian brutes fronted by a succulent woman lookout. After seeing the woman roughed up on his account, Ilario engaged the four men solo earning nothing more than scorn and a slap in the face from the young “lady”. The brutes ransacked the home of an old man looking for his grandson Antonio and loot no doubt. Tor Johnson’s persistence with the old man encourages him to reveal that the Wolfpack were responsible and after his grandson.

The three men split up to learn more about the Wolfpack, Ramon, Tomas el Baston, and Ramon’s femme fatale. They learn that the Wolfpack was formed by a bandit called El Lobo, but was recently apprehended and executed. Surprisingly, his gang did not attempt to rescue him from authorities.

After learning the whereabouts of Ramon and the beauty (Helena), the team knocks on their door and learns that El Baston was too cowardly to save El Lobo, who taught Ramon to duel. Ramon recently escaped prison and has found a new life. He seeks revenge against the Wolfpack and to make amends for the wickedness of his past. Helena and Ramon ask the team to join them in an assault on the Wolfpack. They agree.

Making their way into the country, they travel across a treacherous pass and into a cave. They encounter a very large henchman who misses with a flintlock before grappling Bell, mercilessly crushing him. Methodically Tor pistol whips the goon and blasts a couple balls of hot lead through him. This encourages him to desist in his battle against Bell.

Moving on the team walks through a narrow pass led by Ramon. Ilario takes out a few brutes before they can discharge their pistols, but another group fires a volley dramatically wounding Bell. Ilario is then fired upon by the remnants of the group he attacked as well as El Baston himself. Unaccustomed to avoiding gunfire, he is savagely riddled with lead(think Sonny Corleone). Ramon, Helena and Tor Johnson is in the background. Heroically, Bell battles through the remaining brutes and Ramon comes forward to settle his old grudge with El Baston.

Ramon triumphs, forcing El Baston to surrender, and the team discovers Don Soldano’s missing box, along with the property of many local victims of the Wolfpack. The team turns El Baston and their other prisoners over to the authorities along with the loot. They seize only Don Soldano’s box, which (after all) was what they were hired to do.



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