The Rebirth of a Nation

The Rescue of Ramone

Cloche's Journal

An excerpt rom the journal of Cloche Campbrix

A week has passed since our heroes last brought an end to El Baston and the Wolfpack, now regarded as local heroes in the town of Villa de los Guardos, they seem to relax and enjoy the food and lodging graciously provided to them. Two of the heroes from before seem to have left to make their mark elsewhere, where Tor Johnson stayed behind with the other unsung heroes of the daring raid.

Among them the skilled Gualtiero Massimo, the pious Phanuel Altamirano, the charming Cloche Campbrix, and another verbose fellow. As they were eating their supper the beautiful Helena burst in pleading for their help! Begging them to assist in rescuing her beloved Ramone who had been captured while foolishly attacking the Montaine caravans, sentenced to be executed at dawn!

Needless to say our heroes all jumped to her aid, quickly acquiring horses before racing off to the occupied town of Caballo Nuevos, though along the way encountering Montain patrols who were not fooled by the groups claims of escorting a grieving girl to her sick mother. Shots rang out, swords flashed, and soldiers ran or fell, easily dispatched by the likes of Cloche, Tor, Gualtiero, and Phanuel.

Deciding the road was no longer an option the rest of the group finally agreed with Cloche, and attempted to sneak through the fields to the town. More soldiers lay in wait no doubt altered by the gunfire, but their ambush was easily spotted by our cunning heroes, as more shots rang out and shockingly the talkative multilingual man fell as bullets ripped through his body! The soldiers taken care of the skilled surgical hands of Gualtiero went to work barely saving the life of the poor helpless man, while also helping Tor overcome his own wounds.

Finally upon reaching the town the square was packed full of people as a large Eisen, Detmer, stood up on the gallows surrounded by more soldiers, and the captive Ramone. Another man, the vile Lieutenant was giving quite the speech going on and on about how much he does for the people of the occupied town despite their open disdain for him and his men.

Suddenly the wounded man stumbled into a group of soldiers bleeding out gasping about Castillian rebels attacking over the horizon, before collapsing out cold, a large group of soldiers rushing off to investigate! Ramone led up on the gallows bound to a post as Detmer raised his whip hand up to deliver a series of wicked lashes before the hanging! Then without warning two shots rang out almost simultaneously! Ramone freed from his post, Detmer hand wavering as a shot narrowly misses his hand. Gualtiero and Phanuel rush forward to take out some of the the brutish guards at the gallows while the heroically dashing Cloche leapt from the church tower down to the roof of city hall, then dove upon the guard by Detmer, easily taking the curs out! Detmer having cowed Gualtiero and Phanuel away was left there alone to del wth Cloche, Another shot rang out as the Lieutenant suddenly drops surrounded by his guards ordering them to fire upon the rioting crowd! Phanuel and Gualtiero moving through the crowds to try and stop the casualties, as more shots echoed through the square and Cloche brought down the hulking Detmer with his sharp blade, and even sharpr tongue!

Ramone freed Helena rushed to his side as Cloche nimbly crossed the sea of panicking men and women stepping from shoulder to shoulder as the townsfolk cheered for this man helping him across to engage with the soldiers and Lieutenant. Tor rushed to Helena, and Ramone to help them sneak away before disappearing somewhere.

The battle between the heroes and soldiers continued as Cloche suddenly struck a blow that shall never be forgotten as he daringly cut off half of the Lieutenant’s mustache, forever embittering the man towards him, and throwing him off his game so much that he missed what surely would have been a mortal blow to Gualtiero!

Suddenly and without warning To returned riding upon a flaming cart as he raced it through the square diving off cutting off the reinforcements and providing the heroes the oppurtunity to escape, hats more shocking is the cart crashing into the wharehouse that the soldiers were stocking their gunpowder as the building exploded fire down upon the town, the people both fleeing and cheering having long suffered the oppression of Montaine army.

As the heroes made their escape the ever heroic Cloche risked life and limb to go back and pick up their fallen comrade who risked so much to get rid of the reinforcements, as Helena and Ramone gave them thanks for all they have done for them thus far, promising to be there should their help ever be required.

As yet we know not what become of the man with half a mustache, though some fear he may rear his unevenly shaved face again to strike at our daring hero.



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